Thermal Management Aboard the ITS

Between Elon Musk’s announcement of his architecture to send humans to Mars, and the community questions he answered last week, we now have a much better idea how such a trip will work. This enables intelligent discussion of many possible facets of such a mission, but the one we want to discuss today is heat management. Unlike […]

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Why living off the land is essential

As promised, and despite the Amos-6 accident, Elon Musk unveiled SpaceX’s plans to colonize Mars this week at the International Astronautical Congress. The presentation was rich on substance and technical detail (the full talk can be found here), and the community will certainly spend many hours poring over those details in the weeks and months […]

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What can we learn from SES-9?

SpaceX are launching SES-9 next week [1], and this launch has the potential to tell us a great deal about the capabilities of the new Falcon 9 Full Thrust. Two weeks ago, SpaceX agreed to loft the satellite into a higher orbit than previously planned [2], at the cost of a lower probability of first […]

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